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Scope and Sequence Committee Documents:
Purpose and Principles-
Overarching Understandings and Essential Questions-
Social Studies Skills Chart-

Department Writing Rubrics for Honors and Academic courses:

Professional Organizations:
Global Association of Teachers of Economics
National Council for the Social Studies
National Council for Geographic Education
National Humanities Center
PA Council for the Social Studies

Curriculum Resources:
Buck Institute for Education- project based learning for Government and Economics
Campaign for the Civic Mission of the Schools
Design in the Classroom
District 11 Educational Support Services- Social Studies
Fordham Foundation
First Amendment Schools
MITOpenCourseware: Highlights for High School
PA Academic Standards
Partnership for 21st Century Skills
Student Voices and Student Voices Pennsylvania
Vermont Social Studies Project

Enduring Understanding and/or Essential Questions Resources:
Big Ideas
Meridian School District Curriculum
Wethersfield Public Schools Curriculum

Assessment Resources:
21st Century Skills Map for Social Studies-
Assessment Tasks from Connecticut
Civic Assessments Database
Illinois Learning Standards Assessments
National Assessment of Educational Progress
Social Studies Assessments from Washington State
Social Studies Benchmark Assessments (Houston, Texas)

NAEP: Civics
NAEP: Economics
NAEP: Geography
NAEP: US History

Instruction Resources:
Doing What Works
Guidelines for Deliberation from the Choices Program
McREL Lesson Plans
NARA Document Analysis Worksheets
Prentice Hall Social Studies Skills Tutor
Read, Write, Think
ReadingQuest: Making Sense in Social Studies
Social Studies Classroom: The Virtual World of Social Studies
Social Studies Coalition of Delaware: Signature Lessons